A German artist named Tobias Leingruber has come up with this concept for a Facebook ID kartica. His point is to bring attention to a possible future in which social network identity is so broadly accepted that it’s more important than government issued identity documents like drivers licenses or passports. FB Bureau is handing-out personal identification cards for a limited number of Facebook citizens, interested in alpha testing. With 800+ million users Facebook is the dominant identity system on the web. When signing-up for new services around the open web it’s quite common to use Facebook Connect instead of creating a new user account.

facebook iskaznica

Facebook identitet postaje važniji od bilo koje vlade ne izgleda nerealno. Što kažete na prikazivanje Facebookove osobne iskaznice umjesto dokumenata koje vam je dala vaša vlada?

Više detalja :  E-mail: pozdrav@tobi-x.com | Cvrkut:  @FBBureau

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