Prijenosna računala su tijekom godina preuzela ulogu koju igraju konvencionalnija radna površina, a ljudi iz svih slojeva života koriste se prijenosnim računalima za svakodnevne zadatke. Tržište koje je doživjelo, vjerojatno najveće prihvaćanje, je tržište performansi i igara. Postoji velika potražnja za prijenosnim računalima koji su visoki u specifikacijama i pružaju dosljedne performanse kupcima koji se oslanjaju na grafički intenzivne zadatke kako bi ih u toku dana. Lenovo je jedna od najdosljednijih marki na tržištu prijenosnih računala, a njihova serija X prijenosnih računala visokih performansi korak je iznad ostalih na svim računima. Novi Lenovo ThinkPad X1 nosi oznaku X viši sa specifikacijama i značajkama koje mogu nadmašiti vjerovatno sve što je u korak s njom.

Može li se povećati nalik 15-inčnom MacBook Pro ili monstruoznom Dellu XPS 15?

Hajde da vidimo -

  • Oblikovati -The Lenovo X1 Extreme is a 15 inch business laptop made out of materials that scream performance and luxury. The laptop has a clamshell formfactor made out of matte black carbon fibre with a soft touch finish which gives the X1 Extreme a very premium feel. There is no in-your-face branding with the ‘X1’ tag subtly embossed on the bottom right hand side of the lid with the iconic ‘ThinkPad’ badge on the top left hand side of the lid. The red dot on the ThinkPad badge now lights up, which again, is subtle, but has just enough of a presence to grab people’s attention. The deck of the laptop is made out of the same matte black carbon fibre with soft touch, which makes it very palm friendly, and a nice step away from the traditional aluminium that we are used to seeing on the other laptops in its bracket. The slight let dolje however, is that the soft touch material is a finger print magnet and these things can get annoying when you start looking at it in the daylight.In other aspects, the X1 Extreme is very much like a typical ThinkPad with its iconic red pointing stick, three trimmed clickers on top of the touchpad and those superbly rounded keys. We have the round power dugme on the top right corner of the deck. Coming to the overall otisak stopala, the Lenovo X1 Extreme features thin bezels that keep the footprint low. At 14.2 x 9.7 x 0.7 inches, the X1 Extreme takes up more space than the Dell XPS 15 (14.1 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches) and Apple MacBook Pro (13.8 x 9.5 x 0.6 inches), but does a better job against the likes of the Asus ZenBook Pro 15. The X1 Extreme weights lighter than the rest of the competition, and the compelling 3.8 pound number makes it one of the most supremely portable 15 inch performance laptops.
  • Coming to the ports, the X1 Extreme has not rezati any corners at all, and personally, I am astounded at how easily Lenovo has managed to put in two USB 3.1 type A ports, an SD kartica reader, a smart card reader, a Kensington lock, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack and the Lenovo proprietary AC power port in such a slim frame. This is definitely where the X1 Extreme stands out among the rest of the competition.

    Durability is something of a Lenovo speciality , and with the X1 Extreme, the durability factor has been taken to a whole other level, with the rather slim and lightweight laptop being subjected to 12 MIL-STD-810G standards, which means it can survive high humidity, Izloženost to sand and dust, extreme temperatures and repeated drops. The X1 Extreme has superb security features under the hood as well. The laptop has been certified by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and supports dTPM šifriranje and Intel vPro technology. Along with this, we have an in built match on chip fingerprint sensor which teams up perfectly with the Windows Bok facial sign in to give you a complete security package.

  • prikaz -The Lenovo X1 Extreme does svojstvo the standard 1080p display variant, but if you want to truly experience the best of the X1 Extreme, and you wouldn’t mind breaking the bank for the same, go for the top end 4K HDR touch screen variant. The panel output is extremely detailed, with vivid and accurate colours which make the X1 Extreme one of the best laptops in the world right now in terms of the display. The display output is so rich, that I have been hard-pressed to re watch a lot of movies and Tv shows, just to experience them on this display. Even the Windows 10 icons receive a step up, thanks to the rich details of the display. The White balance too, is supremely accurate, but the colour saturation will have to be dialled down in a few cases, but its not such a ludicrous problem, so we will not deduct any points from Lenovo for this.Talking purely in terms of benchmark numbers, the X1 Extreme zaslon covers a staggering 186% of the sRGB colour gamut, which is astronomical when compared to the industry average of a paltry 113%. The panel maxes out at 366 nits of brightness, which is in itself, very bright for a laptop display, and at the same time, is not as blinding as the display of the XPS 15 which features 447 nits of brightness.
  • Touchpad i tipkovnica -Lenovo keyboard have been fantastic over the years, and X1 Extreme is no izuzetak. With 1.7mm of key travel and superbly curved and tactile keys, the keyboard is one of, if not, the best keyboard in the laptop market today. The keys may be a bit stiff due to the slightly bumped up actuation force, but when you put in the work, you will see that you will literally blaze through any typing assignment with relative ease. There is no dedicated number pad on the X1 Extreme, but the well sized keys compensate for this, and you will not really feel anything amiss once you start using the same.The iconic red pointing stick has been retained in the X1 Extreme and can be found seated snugly at the centre of the keyboard. The dimpled top of the pointing stick catches your movements accurately, and make for a reliable second touch pad when you need to do some general browsing.

    Također, Lenovo X1 Extreme ima 3.9 x 2.3 inčni touchpad koji je izvrsno kalibriran, a glatka površina maskare omogućuje vam da prolazite kroz sve dostupne geste za Windows 10, a da pritom ne propustite ni jedanput.

  • Izvođenje -When it comes to raw performance, the X1 starts to flex its muscles and delivers an unbelievable experience. The Lenovo X1 Extreme comes with an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, which, even on paper, makes for a compelling argument. When you bring it to life however, you will see that in reality, there was really no argument to begin with. The X1 Extreme makes google chrome tabs look like a cup of tea, and doesn’t break a sweat when you decide to load multiple 1080p videos simultaneously. If you then decide to stream a video live, do so by all means, but do not expect the X1 Extreme to tire out. It is powerful, fast and without a doubt, one of the best in the business.When it comes to benchmark scores, the 22,021 clocked in by the X1 Extreme, outperforms the likes of the Dell XPS 15 and the Asus ZenBook Pro 15, while just falling short against the 15 inch MacBook Pro(i9 variant). That said, the Lenovo X1 Extreme still stands tall among the performance laptop bracket, which features an average score of 13,000.

    The X1 Extreme features a brilliantly fast hard disk. With an average transfer rate of 1,017 megabytes per second, the X1 Extreme easily outclasses the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 (424MBps) and the Dell XPS 15 (391MBps), but falls just short of the MacBook Pro (2,724 MBps).

    Kada je riječ o prilično tvrđem testu transkodiranja videa, X1 Extreme pokazuje svima tko je gazda pretvorbom 4K videozapisa u 1080p u 10 minuta i 3 sekunde, što je trenutno nepobitan broj.

    Dok referentne vrijednosti stavljaju X1 Extreme na postolje, ono što uistinu iznenađuje jeste da iako je laptop napravljen za posao, X1 Extreme ima Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU s 4 GB VRAM-a. Namjenski GPU dovoljno je moćan da reprodukuje većinu modernih naslova u niskim i srednjim grafičkim postavkama. Iako dobivate pristojnih brzina kadrova od 35 fps i 30 fps, oni nisu ni blizu prosjeku od 50 fps za natjecatelje u segmentu igara. Imajte na umu da X1 Extreme nikako nije igrački komad, tako da je to više dobar bonus koji možete napraviti malo ležernog igranja bez probijanja banke.

  • Život i toplina baterije-Kad dođe do trajanja baterije, X1 Extreme uzima svoj prvi veliki hit. Prijenosno je računalo zauzelo 6 sati i 7 minuta sigurnosne kopije baterije na testovima, a možemo vidjeti da, u usporedbi s XPS 15 (8:28) i MacBook Pro (10:21), X1 Extreme gubi ogromnom maržom. Istina, MacBook Pro ne sadrži zaslon s toliko piksela kao X1 Extreme, ali jaz u vijeku trajanja baterije teško je zanemariti. Jedina srebrna obloga za X1 Extreme u ovom slučaju je da je miljama ispred jednog od konkurenata, Asus ZenBook Pro 15, koji se isključuje nakon samo 4:28.

    On paper, Lenovo claims that the aluminium under body helps in easier dissipation of heat, and keeps the uređaj cool. This is again not completely true, since the X1 Extreme heats up to concerning temperatures at certain hotspots, making it unbearable at times.

  • Zaključak -Lenovo X1 Extreme jedan je od najboljih poslovnih prijenosnih računala na tržištu danas. Marka je na tržištu vrlo prepoznata, što je vrijedi kupiti, čak i ako morate potrošiti novac za 4K model. Da, vijek trajanja baterije nije najbolji, a postoje i problemi s grijanjem, ali utjecaj je promjenjiv, jer se radi o parametrima koji se ne mogu tačno kvantificirati zahvaljujući promjenjivoj upotrebi koja se produbljuje na potrošaču. Pozitivi prevladavaju negativno u slučaju X1 Extreme, s elegantnim dizajnom, izvrsnom izdržljivošću i visokim performansama koji djeluju kao valjani USP-ovi te mu daje prednost u odnosu na ostatak segmenta.
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Edition pregled
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Edition pregled
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Edition pregled
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Edition pregled
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Edition pregled