Nikon has a long history of advancements in the Wi-Fi arena. Nikon leveraged the industry-standard IEEE 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless standard to develop solutions that allowed Nikon users to more easily connect and share images from the camera directly to the računalo.

With the launch of its D2 series of DSLRs, Nikon also launched the WT-1 wireless transmitter, the first of its kind. Primarily designed for professional use, the transmitters made it possible to transfer images at high speed via wireless LAN to a PC. The WT-1 and the upgraded WT-2, freed photographers from cables, and also eliminated the limitations of memory kartica capacity – shooting was un-tethered and unlimited.
The use of wireless transmitters also simplified the workflow of a professional photographer – he or she could eliminate several steps in the process of transferring images to a computer. The benefits were squarely focused on professional photographers, in particular press photographers, who could take unlimited numbers of pictures at a venue, and have the images transferred quickly and securely to a computer via Wi-Fi. For studio professionals, the WT-2 also brought the Remote Camera Control funkcija, which allowed a photographer to remotely release the shutter – valuable for situations like nature photography or where a camera can be positioned where a human being could not be. “Wi-Fi technology is so robust and evolving that it allows us to develop a range of innovations – advanced controls for the professional, and simple-to-use features for the consumer photographer. Nikon’s expertise in photography, combined with the power of Wi-Fi, means we can offer innovative solutions that benefits our entire target consumer base.”

Nikon Consumer Digitalni Cameras and Wi-Fi

2005. godine Nikon je predstavio Wi-Fi mogućnost potrošačkim digitalnim fotoaparatima lansiranjem Nikon COOLPIX P1 i P2. Ugrađena Wi-Fi tehnologija omogućila je kamerama da prenose slike izravno na računalo i pregledava ih Nikonov softver PictureProject. P1 i P2 također su omogućili izravni ispis bez kabela s pisačima kompatibilnim s PictBridge. Tu su bili i prvi kompaktni fotoaparati na svijetu s ugrađenom Wi-Fi tehnologijom.
Danas široki raspon Nikon DSLR fotoaparata omogućuje Wi-Fi putem bežičnih adaptera, od vrhunskog profesionalnog D4 (pomoću WT-5 bežičnog odašiljača) do kompaktnog D3200 prilagođenog potrošačima (koristeći novi WU- 1a bežični mobilni adapter). Novi napredak u Nikonovim Wi-Fi mogućnostima omogućuje još veću kontrolu, uključujući mogućnost korištenja str
pametan uređaj to operate camera controls – even the ability to start and stop HD video recording from a smart phone. And in the age of mobile phones, Nikon also has made it simple to send images from a D3200 directly to a smart phone or tablet for immediate and simple sharing via social media platforms. In addition, a majority of Nikon compact digital cameras support Eye-Fi, SD cards that have built-in Wi-Fi funkcionalnost.

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Glavne prednosti Wi-Fi-ja

Nikon believes Wi-Fi provides a broad range of benefits and uses for its customers. First and foremost, it provides a simple and more flexible way to transfer media from camera to PC, tablet or smart phone. Apps on the smart device allow for immediate emailing, texting or uploading onto a social media platform – for example, to my Picturetown. This allows consumers to more quickly and easily share their images without having to return to their computer, preuzimanje from a memory card, and then upload to social media. For professionals, Wi-Fi provides the freedom to keep shooting without worrying about memory card storage limits. Wi-Fi also gives both professionals and consumers more control over their cameras, by allowing remote control of camera functions from a PC, a tablet or a smart phone. For example, using the WU-1a wireless mobile adaptor, a consumer can see the complete Live View preview and fire the camera remotely, snap a picture or start/stop an HD video. The WT-5 wireless transmitter provides even more control, allowing professionals to adjust fokus, aperture, shutter speed and even switch shooting modes – all via a smart device or PC. Last, Wi-Fi provides an automatic back-up function, ensuring images, whether professional or personal, are captured and saved quickly and efficiently to PCs or cloud-based services.Neki su proizvodi koje primjenjuje Wi-Fi tehnologija D3, D300, D7000, D800, D200, D3200 COOLPIX P1, P2, S610c

Nikon profesionalne kamere s WiFi [Uvid u proizvod]

Što je sljedeće?

Budućnost Wi-Fi-ja beskonačna je. Kako se razvijaju nove, naprednije Wi-Fi tehnologije, Nikon će nastaviti prepoznavati načine na koji će život kupaca biti jednostavniji i učinkovitiji koristeći Wi-Fi tehnologije.

Kako napreduje računalstvo i pohrana u oblaku, Nikon će razmotriti načine iskorištavanja Wi-Fi-ja i oblaka kako bi snimanje, prijenos i razmjenu medija učinili jednostavnijim, sigurnijim i bržim. Profesionalci i potrošači podjednako će imati koristi od Nikonovih nastojanja da unaprijedi Wi-Fi tehnologiju. A Nikon, naravno, gleda na napredne tehnologije izvan Wi-Fi-ja, uključujući 4G / LTE tehnologije, kako bi utvrdio mogu li se ugraditi u Nikon iskustvo u korist potrošačkih i profesionalnih fotografa.

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